April 28, 2012


So, I did most of the things I said I would. And I have some pictures to prove it!
Right now I'm hanging out with Kady. We were talking earlier, and I asked her what the point is in engagement rings. Don't you take them off once you put on your REAL wedding ring? Her eyes got all big while she explained "diamond diamond diamond" (Those weren't her exact words, but almost.) It seems silly to me. At least it seems silly to get an expensive ring. Why not just do the whole claddagh ring thing? Also, why big diamond rings and all? I would be afraid of it getting caught in things. Or scratching people. I don't see why a gold claddagh right wouldn't suffice. Aren't rings also ridiculously expensive? They're not even as pretty as claddagh rings! Sorry, I have a claddagh ring, that's why I like 'em so much! I love the different meanings! And the fact that they're Irish. Anyway, engagement ring rant over. If you care to explain, please do! 

My neighbor is playing the banjo so I opened the door. I very much enjoy when she plays the banjo. It's soothing.... Kady is at my desk doing her French homework... I'm on my bed - was doing psychology homework, but I got tired and closed my eyes for ten minutes. Can't wait to start bread + goat's cheese feast! Can't wait. We also have yummy olives. And orange juice.

I seriously can't wait for it to be summer. I can't believe one year at Smith has come and gone! (almost) 
I still have to do some things... Can't wait for this next week to be over. Anyway, want to see some pictures from today? Here they are!

What a lovely day indeed! Smile!

Love, Freedom & Truth



PrettyRiot said...

New reader here :) First of all, I love the color in your hair! And second, on the topic of engagement rings...I agree only because I'm so afraid that when I finally have one I might lose it! Ha!

Francis said...

New reader too - love goat's cheese. I agree nice hair !

Anonymous said...

Nice hair

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