July 31, 2014


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top: F21 • jean shorts: Stradivarius • bra: GEF

I wore this at the Tayrona National Park. We walked from our ecohab to the beach Cabo san Juan'which was beautiful. The walk was long but nice, and so very hot and humid. I was so glad I wore this! Funny thing is I almost got rid of this top since I never really wore it... Well I wore it a lot in Colombia! It's staying in the closet.

July 30, 2014


 photo 6e07e7c0e3c6936917edbde5f2bdf3b6.jpg  photo c771956a09a892ca98311495d0960d66.jpg  photo f51b5a0d0f2204a03b6c671b8dba4121.jpg  photo ef53592039823e4e52ea3a3eaaa4c035.jpg  photo 20b0bf9a238acb009349dde1bccc9023.jpg  photo e8ea5567bef284e7d6671b925d3b0684.jpg  photo ffdf0013de42739ddec394ed6180c450.jpg  photo 5fa90412ef74045575e3492638083014.jpg

Black & white. A bit of grey. That describes anything I've bought lately. But it would be very limiting to say it describes my style because my closet is still full of color. Yesterday night I took out random things I rarely wear to finally find things that look good together. I took crappy pictures in 'Photo Booth' and am happy to say I was pretty darn successful. My main goal was to find outfits with which I could wear my blue heels. Can't wait to show you those heels!

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July 28, 2014


Valentina Duracinsky Cartagena
As you read this, I am on a flight back to Paris. I really don't want to leave – though part of me is happy to go home... Mostly for the detox I plan on doing (seriously needed at this point). I spent loads of time with my family and didn't post as often but trust me, there are many more pictures to come! Colombia is such a magical place, I hope you all get the chance to visit some day. Vx

July 24, 2014


Val Duracinsky Beach 1 Val Duracinsky Beach 2 Val Duracinsky Beach 3 Val Duracinsky Beach 4

I leave for Paris on Monday. I really don't want to; I'm happy in Colombia. I want to take all the pictures I took with me so I'll have to put them on a CD or something, and I've been trying to go through them all to edit and delete as many as I can. I can't wait to share more pictures of my travels with you! Here are but a few pictures of me at the beach in the Tayrona National Park. Rare pictures! I never used to like going to the beach. This was one of my favorites ever because our 'ecohab' - a fancy hut, really - was literally 2 minutes away. All I had to do was go up some stairs and I could be back in our room. When the heat got unbearable, I would go in the water, and when I was sick of it all, I just walked back up. I actually spent my birthday (July 14, hum hum) on the beach and enjoyed it! I also enjoyed the coconut lemonade. Jeeeesus, that is good stuff. More pictures of our time in Tayrona and Cartagena soon! Vx

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